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Why invest inEthiopia

Every investment destination brings with it both opportunities and challenges. Ethiopia is no different. Yet, Ethiopia presents uniquely untapped opportunities to both local and overseas investors. There is clear legal framework that the government of Ethiopia has instituted to leverage and guide investments.


Why Ethiopia

Investment Commission

The Ethiopian Investment Commission (www.investethiopia.gov.et),

a national government structure, is dedicated to creating a more conducive investment landscape that would provide effective and efficient services to investors. The Ethiopian Growth and Transformation Plan, which aims to escort Ethiopia to a Middle-Income status by 2025 has multi-sector foreign direct investment as its key priority. Most importantly, the Ethiopian government is committed to ensuring the Ease of Business Doing that would provide investment incentives, efficient investment due diligence, better operational freedom, and flexible policy structures.

Networking in investment takes time, and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come. We are committed to provide the service we promise at CINE, which will speak for us.
Dr Mulatu Teshome
Founder of CINE

Statistical DATA

Ethiopia also presents vast investment potential in terms of resources.

Ethiopia’s land area of 1.14 million kM2 is endowed with untapped natural resources making the country largely auspicious investment destination. Of all African countries, Ethiopia is known for its highly favorable climate and weather. With the population of over 115 million, Ethiopia is the 2nd most populous country in Africa and the 12th in the world. Such demography presents not only enormous domestic market but also large trained and trainable young productive population with median age of 19.


The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, the leading commercial bank in Ethiopia, has successfully upgraded its core banking system from its previous version T24R10 to the new version T24R17.

Economic growth


Ethiopian economy has grown fast with an average of 10.3% since 2006, compared to a regional average of 5.4%. Investment infrastructure is continuously enlarging and improving. The nation is experiencing peace and lasting stability. Half of the world population lives in a ‘radius’ of 8 hours flight from Ethiopia, making the country highly accessible logistically  to 3.8 Billion people in all direction.

Link to Africa


Ethiopia is a gateway to Africa, and Addis Ababa, the capital city, is where both the African Union – AU and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa – UNECA are headquartered. Addis Ababa is referred to as the “Political Capital of Africa” due to its historical, diplomatic, and political significance for Africa.



The establishment of Centre for Investment Networking in Ethiopia not only as reliable investment bridge for investors to walk on but also as reliable partner that walks along investors will add value to investors in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Airlines


The Ethiopian Airlines, Member of Star Alliance and the best African Airlines for a decade, flies to over 110 world cities, and gives Ethiopia strategic dominance as a jumping off point to Africa and the whole World.